• Crane Wings Law:

    "Learn to move with the steps of the Tiger, and win with the grace, practicality and energy of the White Crane"

    Our Crane Law Gongfu is the fusion of the basics of the Jinfeng Yongchun White Crane Fist, the intermediate and secretive aspects of the Zhenlan Crane Tradition and the internal free-flowing methods of the "Hidden Master", Cheng Shiding lineage of Minghequan or Calling Crane Fist as passed down by Master Ruan Dong and Master Feng Wu of China.

    Our Crane Law is  known as a Warrior~Scholar’s style and uses concepts, principles and  energetic movements to overcome opponents. it is an ideal form of Personal life~Protection for women and men alike.

    With movements born within Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, its regular practice can help promote health in Body, Mind and Spirit.

    Crane Law movements are ideal for your personal well-being and Life~Protection where you might have to defend yourself at close range against more than one opponent.

    Famous for its direct practicality and its unique system of Body-Attack-Methods, our Crane Law uses the science of nerve, neurological and blood attacks resulting in extremely practical ways of dealing with the impact of sudden violence so often seen withing today's society and communities.

    Crane Law is a Journey without end.

    Most people first start training martial arts for a sense of social belonging as the training brings together all members of society in one place. Many are looking for an alternative to the gym. They want to improve fitness, build self-esteem and personal confidence,  learn to deal with the stresses of everyday modern life, learn to relax and also learn realistic Personal Life~Protection Methods for themselves and their loved ones.

    Within this learning is the important Eastern philosophy, the Chinese culture and the Taoist influences that gave rise to the Art.

    Those who continue seek the pursuit of self-mastery. "Training Crane Law can become a lifestyle which helps the practitioner to become a more well-rounded person". They will go on to learn how to be calm in the face of adversity and to overcome obstacles in their life. At our Kung Fu Club, we teach Traditional Chinese Martial Arts. We continue to pass on centuries-old Chinese training methods and techniques which are still highly relevant in today’s modern society. Learning to control the body, mind, and spirit is very much a part of learning these ancient self-defence skills.

    Crane Law aims to teach Kung Fu to Children, Teens and Adults, in a safe, professional environment. We approach everyone as an individual and at a personal level appropriate to their maturity, understanding and skill. Our classes help people to discover the discipline and skills to pursue mastery in any area of their lives.