• My motivation to share this program came from many requests from people who are physically too far away to train in my regular classes and wish to study a traditional and complete codified system that can take you from beginner to Instructor level and beyond.

    Lessons outlined in our program are an accumulation of my 48 years training, researching and teaching Martial Arts. During this time I have taught thousands of people in Australia, and abroad. My goal with these lessons is to maximize your potential and empower you to contribute in a positive way to assist yourself, your family, friends and communities. Scattered amongst your lessons will be many never seen before film footage and rare photographs from my personal archive. For example, variations on the lessons you are studying and many images of historical significance. You will receive these valuable pieces of extra content from time to time, appropriate to what you are studying at no extra cost to you.

    As you learn and embody this material through regular training, you will be tested at quarterly intervals (if you have existing experience this may happen sooner). You may film yourself performing the lessons outlined and upload the file on a private YouTube or video channel and send me the link. I will critique your performance and send you corrections. When your performance is satisfactory, you will receive an official grading certificate, personally stamped and signed by me.

    You can study at your own pace; there is no pressure and no race as Martial Arts is a lifetime study. I only expect you to train hard and regularly. Yes, you must be regular. I will only accept conscientious students.

    For Beginners and New Students:

    This is a unique opportunity for you to study an authentic lineage of Martial Arts. I will guide and mentor you to not just an advanced level but a high quality Master level. I am available via email, telephone and Skype sessions by mutual arrangement.

    For Teachers and School Owners:

    If you already have existing experience or operate your own school, I am offering to take your Martial Arts to another level with advanced power generating methods and a teaching syllabus that includes ancient Martial Arts and Healing practices that I have studied and trained in most of my life.

    If you wish to support your style of teaching, this is not a problem, however if you wish to teach purely the material on offer, I can help you to make a smooth and stress free transition. In some circumstances, I am prepared to allow experienced students to choose which particular modules they would like to study. If this is something you are interested in, please contact me and we can discuss a program that would suit your needs.


    • Option 1:  I am available via video/DVD, email, telephone and Skype sessions by mutual arrangement.
    • Option 2: Living in  Central Western NSW Australia,  my home is at my private and personal Martial Arts Academy.  It is a unique, purpose built Martial Arts Training Centre.  Members can visit or stay for short or long intervals to study specific items by prior arrangement.
      Option 3: Workshops can be arranged in your town/city. I can come to you to instruct your students/friends and organize separate one on one lessons for yourself.

    Time Frame: The lessons are designed for about a three month study period at the end of which you will be assessed by your video and written performance and knowledge. Once your video performance has been viewed and you have received a favourable result you may apply as soon as you wish for the next level.

    The quantity of material you will receive will be personally tailored to your needs and abilities. If you are finding the content easy and progressing quickly, the intensity can be bumped up and additional material can be included in your next module. If you are struggling to keep up with the pace of the material, then the next module can be reduced to give you time to catch up. If there is any part of the material that you need clarification on, I will send you an additional tutorial that addresses your concerns in depth and in detail.

    Please feel free to ask as many questions as you like over email or otherwise. I am always happy to help in any way I can.

    Your Investment in Learning:

    • $100AUD: Yearly membership.
    • $50.00 to 80.00 / $100AUD: Per Level & Certificate (approximately three months). At the completion of each module you will be sent the next level that builds on your previous progress.

    The program is now live!

    Please note only a limited number of participants can be accepted.

    It is essential that you first submit anapplication and receive confirmation of your acceptance into the program before making any purchases. If you have not been accepted into the program, you will not receive any content or material related to it. Please make sure you have been accepted into the program before visiting the store.


    Please be aware that these Levels are extensive and cover everything you can expect to study across your entire journey and more!

    Not everything will available all at once so please be patient in your learning. It is often important to practice good foundations before learning new things.

  • Each Level / Certificate Degree contains additional learning modules.


    You can learn at your own pace.


    For more information please fill out the "Email Us Now" form on this page.


    We will be very happy to hear from you!