• "Three Cranes, roost on the same branch of the one tree"

    Master Zheng Wen Cun, Master Chen Shiding, Master Lin Zhenlan.

    Jinfeng Yongchun White Crane, Minghequan Calling Crane, Zhenlan Tradition White Crane Fist.

    Our lineage is unique in the world of Martial Arts. We bring together the teachings of Three Cranes that ultimately belong to and arise from the same tree, that of Báihèquán 白鶴拳 White Crane Fist!

    And even though each of these Cranes have their own unique signature characteristics each of these three traditions are all traceable back to the one origin though the history of White Crane Fist.

  • Master Zheng YiJun, Master Feng Wu & Master Lin Yuan Duan are the three Main Guides of our White Crane Lineage, Art and Teachings.

    Our Teacher, Ron Goninan, is blessed to have daily access to each of these Masters who guide him forward towards a very deep level of White Crane Fist.

  • Master Ruan Dong ~ "The "Old Man of Crane"

    Although he passed away in July 2010, Ruan Dong~Laoshi was one of the last true teachers and researchers of the familial or Village styles of  Calling White Crane. What is not known by many is that Master Chen Shiding was on of his main teachers!

    Familial styles easily get lost to the world as as those practicing stop. Laoshi may pass down their skills over many generations, but all too often those teachings end up vanishing due to lack of successors and teachers. So due to this - and many other reasons - Lack of real teachers, Commercialism and the selling out of the art, self-ego that the real Chinese Martial Arts are facing a great challenge - proper learning and inheritance.

    The real art of Crane Law requires the learner investing in the art with great passion. So it is a real relationship based upon mutual preservation.

    luckily for us within the White Crane Research Institute, Ruan Dong~Laoshi accepted Ron Goninan~Shifu into his teachings in the beginning of 1995 and became the White Crane Research Institute's Official Patron and Technical Master / Advisor to Goninan~Shifu.

    * In October 2000, Ruan Dong Laoshi appointed Ron Goninan as his official and only student outside of China, giving Goninan~Shifu his written permission to teach his unique Calling Crane Fist but also to be the only Westerner permitted to use Ruan Dong~Laoshi's Official Logo. As such, Ron Goninan~Shifu has provenance from the arts and teachings of the "Old Man of the Crane"

    (* This has been officially verified by Master Feng Wu who is Master Ruan Dong's only Chinese Student to continue his unique Calling Crane Art in China)

  • Although officially retired, Master Chen Zhanglin is the last know Calling Crane stylist who also studied under the "Hidden Master" of White Crane Chen Shiding.

    Chen Zhanglin~Laoshi's White Crane contains many of the same signature characteristics of Ruan Dong~Laoshi's Crane Fist but also further refinements as passed down by Chen Shiding~Laoshi.

    Both are related and feature a very natural, soft, fluid and free-flowing approach to Crane Law than any other form of White Crane Fist  ... the exception being that of Taiwan's Master Tseng Yin Jing (now deceased).

  • Within that of the "Shaolin Temple", the arts arising from the Southern Courtyard are considered to be far more refined than that of the Northern Courtyard and arts.

    However, we are not dealing with the supposed "Shaolin Temple" or it's teachings.

    We are only dealing with those Familial Arts and teaching arising from the Dayu, Gushan and Fuzhou Fujian areas of China where "One must strike with your heart" and the teachings are stripped down so that your practice, the art and it's lessons feature only the bare essentials of the body, heart,mind, spirit and essence.

    This then is China's true Crane Law 鹤法 Hofǎ