• “A good commander (Teacher) is benevolent and unconcerned with fame."

    ~ 孫子 Sūnzǐ

  • In the general Martial Arts scheme of things, I'm a "nothing" a "nobody" ..... I'm a chubby, grey-haired old guy with little knowledge and even less skill and I'm very happy within my own personal anonymity.

    I am a very private person and I run my Wushu Guan or Training Hall in the same way, meaning that I am very, very selective on who can join and who will be taken through to our "Inner Circle" of learning.

    Our Crane Law Original Fist honours the Master's of old, "the ones who came before". These Masters act as my personal guides and mentors and have little fame outside of China direct. I am luck in that I communicate with the Masters everyday via various means in our hands and due to the ever growing technology in this area and this allows me to continue to learn given the great distances between Australia and China and helps make the world a smaller, more global village of learning and sharing.

    My one saving grace is I am very passionate about the Martial Arts and in particular, that of the Baihequan or White Crane Fist style of ancient China.

    The Chinese say that "The secrets are often hidden in the most unique ways"

    Ours is one such place.

  • Direct Martial Arts Background:

    • 1995: Ruan Dong Laoshi accepts position of Technical Advisor to White Crane Research Institute (Verified by Master Wu, Fuzhou China,  January 2020).
    • Australian White Crane Dissemination Director Appointment from YongChun YiYun Wushu Research Society 永春怡云武术研究会 and Master Su YingHan 苏瀛汉 20th November 2009.
    • Training: October 1995 Nagata, Naha-shi Okinawa,, Okinawa Hakutsuruken Hozon Kyokai / Kochinda Saburo Ryukyu Kobudo.
    • Training: October 1996 Naha-shi Okinawa Okinawa Hakutsuruken Hozon Kyokai.
    • Training: October 2000 Xincun, Fuzhou, Fujian (2000年10月福建福州市新村) Zhenlan Crane Fist Tao. (Verified by Master Wu, Fuzhou China,  January 2020).
    • Training: September 2004 Gushan, Fuzhou Fujian (2004年9月福建福州市固山) Jinfeng Yongchun White Crane Fist.
    • Shifu: Call-Crane Wushu Research Association of Fuzhou, Eastern Guoshu Gymnasium of Fuzhou 2000/10/09. (Verified by Master Wu, Fuzhou China,  January 2020). Total of 16 Years Association and Learning.
    • Shifu: World Organization of Wushu Kungfu Masters, 2012/02/15.
    • Shifu (九段位): Fuzhou Crane Fist Tao Zhenlan Fist Club, China, 2013/12/08.

    • Shifu (九段位): Jinfeng Yongchun White Crane Research Institute, Fuzhou China, 2014/09/10.

  • Martial Arts, Sport & Life Related Accreditation:

    • Fully Accredited Martial Arts Instructor since 1994 = 27 Years Accreditation.
    • HBA Certificate II in Sports Coaching (Martial Arts) Certificate II Sports Coaching (Martial Arts).
    • Fellow (FIMAS) Institute of Martial Arts and Sciences,  Fellows are the highest grade of membership, honour, exceptional achievement of most professional or learned societies. In academia, a fellow is a member of a group of learned people who work together as peers in the pursuit of mutual knowledge or practice Within the IMAS the candidate must possess a recognised advanced academic degree/professional qualification (or equivalent).
    • Aust Martial Arts Coaching System Certified Master Instructor  / Cert IV+ qualification = Master Accredited Coach.
    • Fully Accredited Professional Sports Psychology Diploma, KEW Training Academy - CTTA 25th March 2016.
    • Acupressure Therapist Fully Accredited by CTAA - Complementary Therapists Accredited Association 4th January 2019.
    • Taoist Meditation, Master Gu leading Taoist Wellness Master from the Wudang Mountains, China  11th May 2019.
    • Official Life Coach & Life Purpose Coach Accredited Certification Accredited by Internationally Recognized Continuing Professional Development Standards Agency (Provider No: 50134),
    • Member: China Culture Centre.
    • Member: Member: Australian Centre of Chinese Culture & Arts.
    • Member: Chinese Heritage Association of Australia.
    • Member: Australian Chinese Community Association.
    • Member: Taiwan Wushu Association 台灣武術協會.

    Neurology of Movement: 2020 ~ Integrated Kinetic Neurology

  • Other Arts:

    • Accredited Internal Arts Instructor via Master Erle Montaigue (Deceased) and Eli Montaigue of the World Taiji Boxing Association.
    • Certificate of Recognition for the teaching of the Chinese Dim Mak Arts as awarded by Eli Montaigue of the World Taiji Boxing Asssociation. The certificate also acknowledges that Goninan trained under the WTBA Founder Master Erle Montaigue since 1986.
    • Shichidan (7th Dan) Kyoshi in Okinawa Hakutsuruken (White Crane) 1996, Master Yabiku Takaya Naha-shi, Okinawa. Ron Goninan was the first and only person to be graded in Hakutsuruken by Yabiku Takaya.
    • Hachidan (8th Dan) Okinawa Butoryu Gohokan 1998 by Yabiku Takaya.
    • Hachidan (8th Dan) Kyoshi in Okinawa Kojo-Ryu Koshinkan Karatedo & Kobudo 1999, By Master Yabiku Takaya Naha-shi, Okinawa.

    • Kudan (9th Dan) Hanshi Okinawa Hakutsuruken (White Crane) 1999. Okinawa Butoryu Gohokan 1998 by Yabiku Takaya.

  • White Crane Spreading Wings
    Mr. Wu Yinan~Shifu,
    I give you my Wings of the White Crane so you can Fly High,
    Master Zheng Yijun, Jinfeng Yongchun White Crane Research Institute
    Written in the hometown of Taoyuan, China.

  • "There is an old saying in China: 'As it’s impossible to repeat the same movement twice, perfection can never be achieved. Hence nobody can ever truly be a Master' . I am on a lifetime journey to self-discovery, not mastery.

    True understanding only comes through passing your knowledge on. So to continue my never-ending cycle of learning, I have taught Kung Fu to hundreds and thousands of students. I’m very proud that some of these have gone on to become Instructors themselves.

    I love to teach. Its in my blood, pumping through my veins. I’m highly passionate about the arts and teaching others about the journey and helping them to become a thinking and creative individual”