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    "Years ago I sat and watched Ron Goninan Shifu teach a seniors class, my daughters, both juniors had been invited to attend.  At this time I had over 20 years background in organisations that involved using force against offenders but had moved on to fighting from behind a desk or at the very least sending others into the action.  In this time I had gone through many versions of defensive tactics from more than one government organisation and been exposed to both boxing and wrestling.  While I enjoyed these things when actually using force most of it was either unavailable or impractical.  This was usually the case due to procedural or legislative restriction that hamstrung a technique to the point it was unusable so it usually came down to good equipment, brute force, weight of numbers and ensuring you are in a tactically advantageous position prior to going hands on.  What I immediately noticed when watching and listening to the training session was the ‘Art' was practical.  It accepted the dynamic environment and different structure, nature, flexibility, strength and ability of both parties in a physical confrontation. I have been a student with Ron ever since and have certainly learnt that there is much, much more to this Art but I still above all else value its practicality" ~ Wayne Jacobson, Wellington NSW

    "The White Crane arts that Mr Ron Goninan knows and understands is incredible I am blessed and honored to be instructed by him. His in depth knowledge of White Crane are second to none. What l like the most is how original and authentic that Ron teaches. I enjoy the originality of the White Crane that Ron demonstrates" ~ Sergio De Francesco, Sydney NSW

    "Ron is an inspirational teacher whose love for martial arts is always at the fore. Ron makes sure all students get the attention they need to learn the art properly with all it’s intricacies. White Crane is a traditional Chinese martial art which is time proven and as useful today as it was hundreds of years ago and can be learned by anybody. Ron Shifu brings out the best in his students by leading by example and consistently showing his dedication to White Crane" ~ Andrew Valiukes, Brisbane QLD

    "My instructor possesses quite dynamic technical skills and a deep understanding and knowledge of what he teaches. Even though the skill level is quite varied in our class , Ron seems to balance his instruction and keep everyone motivated and moving forward" ~ Jake Ginty, Wellington NSW

    "White Crane is a fun way of learning self defence. Ron Shifu is helpful and knowledgeable on dealing with all types of situations and can answer any questions you can throw at him and demonstrate on any scenarios and potential possibilities that you can think of. The people in the classes are friendly and willing to help and assist with learning, plus the price is great cos it’s FREE!!!!! Anyone who asks I encourage to attend as White Crane is fun, friendly and a good way to get fit and healthy" ~ Leo Mahoney, Dubbo NSW

    "Ron Goninan is an excellent instructor. He is very informative and more than willing to work with every student to achieve their very best in the self-defence systems he provides and teaches. He works tirelessly to ensure that all information and teachings are available for his students in one of the most genuine arts in Australia. White Crane Gongfu is a very interesting and effective art for the purpose of self-defence. It teaches too many aspect to list but to name a few; it will teach you discipline, fluid movements, how to read your opponents, use of pressure points, grabs and locks, advanced techniques to protect yourself against multiple or single threats, weapons training etc. White crane is an art that combines a huge amount of effective hand to hand and weapons training to prepare even the most awkward of people to efficiently defend themselves if a situation ever calls for it" ~ Brian Fuller, Sydney NSW

    "Ron Goninan teaches a very effective and functional version of White Crane in his Crane Wings Law style. The system is stripped down to its basics for the most fundamental elements of White Crane, and great emphasis is placed on the in-depth analysis of a relatively small number of movements. The style focuses on the application of these movements to vulnerable targets of the body from the old Dim Mak system (which later evolved into Tai Chi)" ~ Kieran Grewal, Sydney NSW

    "Your awesome! When are you moving to near me I'd love to train with you!" ~ Stephen Shrubsall, Burleigh Heads, QLD

    "It really is a memorable experience. Outstanding teacher, outstanding students, and outstandingly well executed! I couldn't ask for a better or more relaxed learning environment, and for that I thank you all! I am now a proud Disciple of this great martial art! Thanks again for everything everyone, I look forward to continuing training and learning together in the future!" ~ Alan Tate, Wellington NSW

    "For anyone interested in understanding, training or researching the White Crane Art then Ron Goninan can offer you an in-depth knowledge of this amazing art. I have known Ron for many years now and have met him personally on several occasions. Each time we have spent many hours and days sharing our mutual respect and the art. He has built a vast library of knowledge and contacts across the World and as gained the respect of many Master’s from China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and beyond" ~ Peter Love, United Kingdom

    White Crane Martial Arts is a very practical art where it may not look the best but has a great application. There are no over the top poses waiting for the camera to click before u actually get your head knocked off! It works and works well! Ron is a great teacher with the ability to adapt to all learning styles to help people get the most out of martial arts. Ron is very passionate about Martial Arts and teaching which I think is very lucky for his students" ~ Blake Hattch, Dubbo NSW